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The Tweed Hospital team has been working closely with DMAC personnel recruitment whom have been assisting with supplying indigenous labour to meet the projects aboriginal participation targets. DMAC have been exceptional to deal with and have worked tirelessly to ensure the project have the most suitable personal for the uniqueness of the project and can also work within a live hospital. From Tweeds diversity plan and resources pool the project currently has four aboriginal labourers on site being Scott Jackson, Nathan Pickwick, Robin Gagai and Lisa Jane.

Last year they had a young aboriginal lad, Jarlan Davis join the team from the local TAFE on a work experience agreement. Jarlan was a great lad whom showed self-motivation and eager to learn new skills in construction and wanted labour for site, but that is not the Tweed team’s way. Dion Sippel took Jarlan under his wing and sat him down on a subcontractor toolbox talk, to review notes and complete his own attendance documents. Jarlan embraced the challengers Dion handed him and always came back keen to learn more. Since completing his work experience last year he has been back on site on three seperate occasions during school holidays and we hope learning from Dion ‘The Great Bloke’ his mentor with each experience. Jarlan has since decided he would like to complete a Carpentry apprenticeship once finished school. The team are all looking forward to having Jarlan back the next school holidays!

Picture – Dion Sippel & Scott Jackson