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With the main portion of the Pottsville Beach Public School handed over on the 21st of March, the site team was left to complete two small refurbishments, the external landscaping, the installation of a rejuvenised playground and a new habitat area for the local endangered Bush-Stone Curlew. In just 6 short weeks the team was able to complete the remaining construction works and hand over the final portion of the project to a very happy client. The refurbishment transformed the old library into two new learning spaces with separate withdrawal rooms, designed for a more intimate learning experience. The kids playground has been given a fresh breath of life and has since been relocated with new sand soft fall while the landscaping has been completed to give some additional recreational space to the children and staff.

The demobilisation of the site compound marked the end of the construction phase. We were lucky enough to have receive copious amounts of appreciate from the kids and the staff and we know that the local community hold Bennett/Lipmans reputation in high regard.

On behalf of the site team, it has been a pleasure managing the construction of this school and working closely with the client’s team to handover a project which has set the new precedence for all regional primary schools. Thank you to all who have been involved. The school will be submitted to the local MBA chapter, who have already praised the job. So, watch this space.

The Bennett team consisted of Dan Hall, Steven Farr, Brett Treadaway and Kyle Scully.