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In March 2018 Bennetts started their Student Participation Program at Ballina Coast High School. We felt that it was important that the school community be engaged with the construction of this significant local development as it will become theirs. This resulted with Angelique being offered and accepting a School Based Traineeship with us.

Angelique has worked on Ballina Coast High School for just over 8 months now and developed a strong friendship with Rodney Joyce our Safety Officer. This is what Rodney had to say about Angelique.

‘I met Angelique when Bennett’s started the school based traineeships. With about 10 students undertaking this great program the one that stood out was the blonde girl with the great smile.

The tipping point was the day Angelique turned up in school holidays I said ‘what are you doing here its school holidays’ reply ‘I wanted to come to work’ at that moment I knew this young intelligent girl had a bright future and that Bennett’s need to ensure it was with us.

Being the safety officer I have had the pleasure to have Angelique shadow me around site learning about site safety, but that has changed to Angelique letting me know what needs to be done on a daily basis and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Throughout Angelique’s long and illustrious  career within the construction industry I hope she keeps that great smile, her great attitude and above all keep that laugh that can be heard far and wide.

I am proud to say today and the day she becomes an ambassador for women in the industry that I was there to hopefully encourage and motivate Angelique to follow her dream.

Go get that dream Ang and I will always be there for you, because at Bennett’s that’s what we do.’

Today we are very pleased to announce that Angelique has accepted our offer for the position of Project Cadet in yet another chapter of the continued success of the Ballina Coast High School project.