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Thursday the 21st of March marked a special day for the entire team at Pottsville Beach Public School as we officially handed over the new double storey building in record time.

The journey began back on the 4th of April 2018, when the LOA landed on Marty’s desk. From the very beginning we knew it would be a race to the finish, with ocmpletion scheduled for 21st of January 2019. After two months of in-ground delays due to undocumented services, the team were left with an incredible task of building an entire school in just 9 short months. After multiple curve balls, the late introduction of a comprehensive mechanical system, a 25% increase in scope and early occupation of the library, the project has truly tested the skill and ability of all those involved.

Regardless of the complications, the site team was able to make good on their promise to the DoE and broader community by delivering a world class school one month ahead of schedule.

After a successful handover on Thursday, the school’s internal removalists aided the teachers in a rarely seen mid-term relocation of their classrooms. Since then the school has been a live environment, with excited school kids enthusiastically exploring their new learning spaces and proud staff familiarising themselves with the new facilities.

A huge thank you is order for the site team who were instrumental in making this all possible.

A big thank you to the subcontractors, consultants, estimators, Lipman/Bennett management and clients team, who have all helped in all stages of the project.