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Ballina Indoor Sports Centre update

The Ballina Indoor Sports Centre (BISC) is a forecasted new strategy for joint ventures between local Council and State Government. In this case to share the costs in the development of a community focused building built on state land (being the Ballina Coast High School BHS) and leased back to the community or organisation, and in this case the Ballina Basketball Association. The project was a must win for the Bennetts team as we were already on-site completing the school Project. Nothing is a given in construction, so a concerted effort was made in order to first win the Tender and capitalize on our early presence and local knowledge. Stringent sub-contractor venting was in place early with many subcontractors from the BHS Project earning another contract due in part to loyalty in competitive pricing, demonstrated quality of performance and ability to work seamlessly with the Bennett/Lipman systems. A big thank you to these sub-contractors.

We were fortunate to have our young team really take their BHS experience with them across to the new project, leaving Clint Willmott behind to carry out the scope on the BHS. In all seriousness, the BISC has allowed a transition that exemplifies a positive model for mentoring and training of future leaders.

The BISC itself is simplistic in nature, with some key Design elements that set it apart from traditional sports halls with pre-finished structural steel, world class sprung timber floors, retractable seating, Danpalon and timber feature cladding, founded on Honed concrete floors. An area for 45 off-street car park spacing was also provided for future Teacher and patron use. The key to the final Design element is a covered linkway that will connect the Sports centre to the High school with a final occupied space encompassing 4 world class indoor Basketball courts, fit for any major state or national tournament.